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Ethiopian pastoralists have received payouts for index-based livestock insurance offered by a local insurance company, Thomson Reuters Foundation reports . In Ethiopia, livestock insurance schemes were initiated by the International Livestock Research Institute, which has been providing technical support for the design and monitoring of the index in the country, the report adds.
Tens of thousands of smallholder farmers in Ethiopia have benefited from the country's first weather index insurance payment to cover the loss for the previous year's crop failure due to El Nino, AllAfrica reports . The weather index insurance payouts of 2.6 million birr were part of the pilot insurance initiative supported by UNDP, the Global Environment Facility, the country's Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
This report explores evidence and insights from five case studies that have made significant recent progress in addressing the challenge of insuring poor smallholder farmers and pastoralists in the developing world. In India, national index insurance programmes have reached over 30 million farmers through a mandatory link with agricultural credit and strong government support. In East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania), the Agriculture and Climate Risk Enterprise (ACRE) has recently scaled to reach nearly 200,000 farmers, bundling index insurance with agricultural credit and farm inputs...

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Sophia Belay, Manager – R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, talks about increasing awareness of index insurance among farmers
We show theoretically that the presence of basis risk in index insurance makes it a complement to informal risk sharing, implying that index insurance crowds-in risk sharing and leading to a prediction that demand will be higher among groups of individuals that can share risk. We report results from Ethiopia from a first attempt to marketweather insurance to informal risk-sharing groups.