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More than 30 participants from seven African nations gathered in Johannesburg for two weeks in October 2016 to focus on the fundamentals of index insurance, and to discuss a wide array of development-related topics ranging from product design to project management. The workshop, entitled “Agriculture Insurance Training,” was organized by the World Bank Group’s Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF). Co-managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), GIIF provides smallholder farmers, rural residents, microentrepreneurs and microfinance institutions with access to finance through the...
This manual presents theoretical concepts and applied methods commonly used for actuarial processes in agriculture insurance. Actuarial processes refer to the activities that establish insurance premium rates and related quantitative analyses. Key considerations for designing agriculture insurance programs are presented. In addition, the infl uence of program design on data requirements and the use of statistical methods for establishing insurance premiums are illustrated. The presentation presumes that readers have a solid understanding of basic statistics principles. The level of knowledge...
Held as part of the New York City Climate Week, Climate Risk Forum 2014 is organized jointly by the World Bank Group's Global Index Insurance Facility and International Research Institute for Climate and Society. The event focuses on: Index insurance as a tool for Climate Risk Management; sc aling up index insurance and boosting private sector participation; and l ocal implementation and impact evaluation. View event highlights here .

Pranav Prashad interview

Pranav Prashad, Technical Officer at International Labour Organization's Impact Insurance Facility talks about demand for index insurance. This video was shot at the Agriculture Insurance Conference in Berlin 2014.

ITV Sophia

Sophia Belay, Manager – R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, talks about increasing awareness of index insurance among farmers

ITV Richard

Richard Choularton, Chief - Climate Resiliance for Food Security at UN WFP, talks about using index insurance solutions to manage climate risk issues

ITV Paula

Paula Pagniez, Senior Microinsurance Specialist at Swiss Re, talks about growing private sector participation in index insurance


Jon Hellin, Value Chain and Poverty Specialist for CIMMYT, talks about climate risk management in agriculture


Dan Osgood, Lead Scientist – IRI, talks about using index insurance solutions to manage climate risk issues
The soil that Abdoulaye Ndiaye holds in his hand is dry and dusty. A little further away in the Kaolack region the groundnut plants are already beginning to spring up in the fields, but in Paskoto village Abdoulaye and his fellow farmers have not seen a drop so far this season. "The most important challenge for us is the weather. It is God who decides. We have no choice, but are just left looking for ways to handle the situation," Abdoulaye says, now using his hand to shield his eyes against the stark sunlight.