Climate Risk Insurance Training in Luanda, Angola

Climate Risk Insurance Training in Luanda, Angola

The Agência Angolana de Regulação e Supervisão de Seguros (ARSEG) plays a critical role in developing the agricultural insurance market by providing an enabling environment for private-sector investment in Angola. IFC is supporting ARSEG in developing an enabling environment for agricultural insurance to promote the resilience of farmers in Angola against the impacts of climate change and increase their financial inclusion. ARSEG keen on a holistic regulatory framework conducive to index insurance innovation, consumer protection and allowing for more sustainable market growth.

As first step in this direction, IFC is supporting ARSEG in delivering capacitation of its staff, local insurance industry partners, as well agribusinesses and financial institutions, on technical aspects related to agricultural insurance. In particular, the training will focus on index-based products which are widely used to protect farmers against climate related risks.

The training will be structured in two parts: 

Day 1 of the training will cover the fundamentals of index insurance and will be open for managerial and technical staff from government and a wide range of private sector stakeholders. 

Day 2 and 3 of the training will target technical staff from the local insurance industry, as it will take a deeper dive into the design, evaluation and pricing of index insurance products.

The objective of the training is to provide a theoretical framework, which will help participants engage other stakeholders from an informed perspective. The training will also enable participants to ask the right questions whenever they are presented with new index insurance products to understand their characteristics and quality, encouraging responsible product development. The training will be highly interactive and consist of practical exercises to improve understanding of different types of insurance products that could be applied in the Angolan market.

Required resources: Participants should bring a laptop with Excel for days 2 and 3 of the training. Notebooks and pens will be provided at the conference venue, but participants are welcome to bring extra ones.