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Index Insurance, Risk Sharing & Challenges

Agenda Index Insurance Workshop on September 16 2015.pdf

The Research event is organized by Pacifica and Airbus in collaboration with the Global Index Insurance Facility. The event will bring together cutting-edge research on data management and design of Index insurance products.

The goal of the event is to advance our understanding and knowledge, to aid innovation and scaling up of agriculture insurance. The workshop style event will be led by academic experts from across the globe. The event will be divided into 2 main sessions – 1) Economic Challenges, 2) Technical Perspectives.

Researchers presenting their work include Jean-Michel Lasry (Institut Louis Bachelier), Michael Carter & Thomas Barré,  (University of California), Constance Collin & Didier Folus, (Université Paris Ouest), Bruno Bouchard, (Université Paris Dauphine), Hervé Poilve (Airbus Defence & Space), Anton Vrieling (University of Twente) and Jean-Luc Perron (Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation).

For more information, please contact Denadi Carole (