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RTI MONEY#14 : Assurer le risque agricole

In an RTI1 (Radiodiffusion-Télévision Ivoirienne)'s featurette, AXA Côte d’Ivoire, a GIIF partner, presents its index insurance project and how index insurance can make a difference for smallholder farmers. Watch Now (starting at the 12:32)
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The Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL) has developed a new insurance product called NIRSAL Comprehensive Index Insurance (NCII) to mitigate the impact and losses of agricultural yields and market price risks for smallholder farmers, PM News Nigeria reports . "NIRSAL’s goal is to expand insurance products and coverage on agricultural lending across the entire value chain by growing coverage from about 0.5 million to 3.8 million primary producers,’’ said Aliyu Abdulhameed, Managing Director of NIRSAL. NCII was developed by the Corporation in...

What is Weather Index Insurance? By Mayfair Insurance

Mayfair Insurance, a GIIF Partner, has produced a video for awareness raising on index insurance during last season (2018).
On November 16, 2018, more than 50 participants from the Financial Sector Conduct and Prudential Authority of South Africa attended a training session on the fundamentals of index insurance. The training was the first step in providing the regulators with the needed information and skills for the upcoming index insurance pilot in the country, which aims to protect smallholder farmers from weather-related risks. The workshop was delivered by the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF) at the request of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA), the representative body of the short-term...
GIIF Financial Sector Specialists will attend " 2018 Development Finance Forum: Unlocking Investment Opportunities in the East African Community " in Kigali, Rwanda. This year’s Development Finance Forum (DFF) in Kigali will bring together business leaders, policymakers, thought leaders and financiers from private and public sectors in the EAC and beyond to drill down together on what can be done to start to address some of the biggest challenges to scaling up private investment in housing, agribusiness, and tourism in East African Community (EAC) countries.
There are two major challenges with respect to agricultural insurance in Ghana: 1. Enrollment : Scaling performance of the agricultural insurance market remains low (very few products). The growth rate of the sector is very slow (36% from 2011–2016). Very poor performances in 2012 and 2013 when overall enrolment dropped by 84% and 86% respectively. These challenges are attributable to the complexity of insurance products, financial illiteracy, and aversion towards new risk management approaches. 2. Claims : The only prominent claim pay-outs were in 2015 where 1,701 farmers received a payment...
The core objective of the project is to develop and rollout mobile based bundled financial and advisory services. This project supports and engages with the public and private partners to develop services that are both economically viable and meet the demands of smallholder farmers in order to provide them with relevant, timely, high-quality information and services which will improve their agricultural productivity and increase their income.
The overall aim of the project is to prepare the ground for implementing risk transfer solutions within an integrated flood risk management approach for municipalities in GAMA, Ghana.
The core objective of the project to contribute to enhancing the resilience for people dwelling in drought prone areas such as southern parts of Oromia region and Somali region through a series of surveys/ studies and implementation of pilot projects.
The core objective of the project is to protect households from the economic shocks of livestock mortality due to drought.