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In 2015, IFC, supported by GIIF, launched the Weather Index Insurance project with Green Delta Insurance Company (GDIC), to develop insurance products to address perils such as drought, excess rain, heat waves, and cold spells in Bangladesh. In October 2015, during the initial days of the project, GDIC and IFC approached Supreme Seed Company for index insurance partnership for their contract farming farmers. A case study was developed to capture the activity.

Assurance agricole basée sur un indice climatique au Sénégal

The video discusses the development of weather index insurance in Senegal, including GIIF's and stakeholders' actions and involvement with index insurance in the country since its onset in 2009. The video is in French.
A new brochure detailing GIIF's involvement with the development of weather index insurance in Senegal is now available for digital viewing. The document contains an overview of GIIF's and stakeholders' actions and tracks the progress of index insurance in the country since its onset in 2009.

Index Insurance Helps Farmers in Bangladesh Build Resilience Against Climate Risks

Supported by the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) works with Green Delta Insurance to design and retail weather index insurance products that protect smallholder farmers and agribusinesses from climate risks. Access to finance provides a means for the farmers to sustain income and food security.
Agri-insurance is a financial product that protects farmers from potential losses resulting from weather events or disease. By enabling farmers to protect their businesses, agricultural insurance also reduces lending risks, which increases the amount of credit available in this vital sector. In Ukraine, IFC and Syngenta worked together to pilot-test index insurance — which bases claims on independently verifiable weather data — for wheat and corn. This SmartLesson explores the possibility of developing index insurance as a new and important financial instrument that helps farmers and...
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance will start selling insurance products that compensate farmers hit by drought in Indonesia as early as this fall, Asian Nikkei Review reports . With a premium of 50,000 rupiahs ($3.76), contract farmers will be entitled to be compensated 500,000 rupiahs if a drought occurs, the newspaper also details.
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and PT Reasuransi MAIPARK have agreed to jointly develop index-based insurance products to hedge risks against adverse weather events for agribusinesses, bank agriculture-loan portfolios, and farmer groups. The impacts and effects of adverse weather events—such as droughts, floods, and hurricanes—were felt during the most recent El Niño, when some of the worst hit agribusinesses reported up to 30 percent drops in projected yields. IFC will support MAIPARK—a special-risk reinsurance company—to work with local insurance companies to develop, sell, and...
In a new GIIF Result Stories, Ms. Bintou Diakite, a founding president of ASEDEFE-YDADE (Association pour la Solidarité, l’Entraide, le Développement Economique de la Femme et de l’Enfant), recounts how index insurance has set female farmers free from the consequences of mishaps due to climate disaster. The Result Stories is part of a new bilingual series produced in 2017 to capture farmers' experiences with index insurance in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal.
Karim Traore, President of Burkina Faso's National Union of Cotton Producers, speaks about the cotton farmer's experience with agricultural index-based insurance in a new GIIF Result Stories. “It would be difficult for me to provide exact data, however, I can tell you that index insurance strongly encourages farmers in their work, and we are finding that cotton production has increased in all of the areas where farmers have subscribed to it," says Mr. Traore. The Result Stories is part of a new bilingual series produced in 2017 to capture farmers' experiences with index insurance in Burkina...
Jacinta at her maize farm / Cr: ACRE Africa
ACRE Africa, a GIIF partner in East Africa, is a microinsurance product designer that helps foster equity, fairness, and innovation in the agricultural sector. As farmers in the region experience changing weather conditions, with delayed rain and more frequent incidents of drought, ACRE Africa engages stakeholders along the agricultural value chain and advises insurers on the development and distribution of low-cost insurance to protect smallholders’ investments. The following story is told by one of the beneficiaries of ACRE Africa. Jacinta Mutuse is a 36-year old farmer and the mother of...