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Last week, the United Nations’s Secretary General - Ban Ki-Moon, welcomed over 200 insurance representatives at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York for the 17-June UN Insurance Forum. During his inspiring speech, Ban Ki-Moon remarked that this was the first time that a UN Secretary General has ever met a congregation of global insurance leaders. He stressed that this was by no means a chance encounter and called upon the insurance industry to play a strong role in the quest for a more sustainable post-2015 world. He stressed that insurers should invest wisely into sustainable...
SEPTEMBER 14 and 15, OECD Headquarters, PARIS Climate risk and its impact has been an issue of key significance for the insurance industry. Risks are outlined for all eco-systems, societies, economies, industries and agriculture. Is Index Insurance the Solution? Index insurance is an innovative financial instrument to help poor smallholder farmers manage the increasing climate risks to their harvests. Index insurance will allow farmers to survive adverse weather or destroyed harvests and potentially open up agri-credit markets; enabling farmers to protect their assets and invest in their...